The SARIT Features & Specs

Size matters

The SARIT can go places and do things that most vehicles can’t.

Multi-day battery

The SARIT can travel 100km (60miles) on a single charge.

Every day use

Designed to go to and from work or school

Parked SARIT
SARIT Features

Manufactured for durability

The highly engineered SARIT is manufactured with tubular extruded aluminum.

SARIT Features

1/4 the size, fully capable

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Parked Sarit

Powered to deliver

SARITs are equipped with a powerful, safe, and long lasting battery to deliver a worry-free ownership experience

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100 km (60 mile) range for multi-day usage

weather icon

Lithion battery for long-lasting, all-weather usage

Safety icon

Charge in any regular electrical socket at home or at work

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Less than $1 to fully charge

SARIT vehicles driving next to an university campus
body features

Amazing driver experience
Remove doors for open-air experience

Woman getting out of SARIT
Woman driving a SARIT
body features

More body features


Locking doors, windows and cargo area


Large cargo space for baggage, shopping and more


1 and 2 passenger (motorcycle style) seating


Front and rear lights for all-day driving

A+SARIT vehicles driving through the street

Electric Motor

Motors have a special dual-stator structure, constituting an automatic variable torque system with the special driver. If the vehicle is climbing, starting at low speed, or driving at high speed, the system automatically works in a single-stator or dual-stator state. The motor gives appropriate torque to make the dynamic performance adjustments to the requirement. The gearbox is no longer needed, it avoids high current discharging, saves energy, improves the travel distance, and extends the battery life.


Intelligent Lithium Battery

SARITs are equipped with high quality, Lithium batteries for long range, longer lasting, all-weather usage. They require zero maintenance, and include active BMS (Battery Management System) for continued safety.


Limited to 32kph (20mph)

We limit the speed of a SARIT vehicle to 32km/h to comply with the legislation and safety regulations so we can better integrate electric vehicles into urban mobility.


Up to 100km (60mile) range per charge

Without any compromises, you can drive up to 100 kilometers with your SARIT vehicle before you need to recharge the battery.


Built in battery charger

The SARIT vehicle has a built-in 120v battery charger that enables you to charge it on any power outlet you can find, so you no longer have to provide an external charger and charging area, which saves you plenty of space and time.


Market leading braking system and safety features

SARIT vehicles are equipped with powerful 3-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake.

motorBattery packSpeed limitRoad — a visual representation of traveled range Battery Charger3-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
SARIT vehicles gathering

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SARIT vehicles driving through the street